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Breast Cancer (An Exposition by Dr. Hai Sha Ni)

(This article was written by Dr. Hai Sha Ni in 1994. This same theory still holds true to this day. It was written with a thorough understanding of ancient chinese medicine dating back 5000 years ago.)

Most women know that before their period comes, they feel a sensation of fullness in their chest area. After their period, the fullness is gone. Western medicine theorizes that menstruation is due to a released egg that wasn’t fully fertilized. If the egg is fertilized, then no period should occur. This theory is incorrect. This is the reason why western science does not know the cause, prevention and treatment of diseases such as lupus, leukemia, lung and breast cancer.

A female’s period is actually derived from milk nutrients (not the milk). How can this be proven? Very easily by observation. If a female has tubal ligation performed, then no egg can reach the uterus, then no period should occur right? Yet, the period STILL occurs after tubal ligation. This means that the mechanism which controls the egg and the menstrual cycle are different. When a mother nurses her baby, there is no period. Still, females can get pregnant during nursing, but they have NO period. The fact of the matter is, the period and milk are NOT independent of each other. They are actually the same thing. From my (Dr. Hai Sha Ni) clinical experience, I’ve observed many interesting things. Normally, milk degradation occurs when it travels from the lungs (white milk) to the small intestine (red blood). If the milk can’t travel down from the chest area to the uterus, it reverses direction. The milk backs up, goes to the heart, and gets converted back into blood (because the heart is hot. If the milk/blood stays in the heart, lupus results. If the milk/blood goes to the nose, nose bleeding results. If the milk/blood goes to the lungs, lung cancer results. If it goes to the spinal bone marrow, leukemia results. If the milk is too much and stays in the chest area, cysts in the breasts result.

Our specially formulated HT-2 can be used to: stop overproduction of nutrients, clear up residual nutrients, and restore the normal menstrual cycle. This can help prevent leukemia, breast cancer, lung cancer, and lupus from developing. The specific process by which milk nutrients are converted to blood in the uterus must run smoothly for the female to be healthy. When females age or have a blockage in the channel, this process is hindered. HT-2 will keep the milk to blood system working properly.

Western science seeks to find how milk is produced and the specific nutrients in milk. That is only half the picture. What’s not being studied is finding out where the milk is actually from and where does the milk go when the baby is not feeding.

A possibility of how cysts develop is due to the sedimentation principle. Milk is composed of both liquid and solid nutrients. Milk when released leaves a small residue of solid nutrients. If the sedimentary nutrient is allowed to accumulate, this lays the foundation for cysts to develop. If a biopsy is done, blood vessels will be damaged. This causes leakage of blood into surrounding areas and can cause cysts to develop in other areas. Cysts if not treated, eventually lead to cancer. When a possible cancerous tumor is biopsied, the cancer will spread. Biopsy as a diagnostic tool is unnecessary.

If the doctor knows the true cause of these various female diseases, then he/she can properly educate the patient. The patient in turn won’t panic or be frightened due to ignorance of their disease. Emotions are a SERIOUS cause of disease in many instances. The female diseases described above are no exception. The emotional factor coupled with the improper treatment lead to a serious disease.

When females enter menopause they experience many uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes. Physicians normally prescribe hormone pills to treat these symptoms as well as osteoporosis. Modern medicine states the true cause of osteoporosis is unknown. If the true cause is unknown, then how can one effectively prevent or treat it? According to a leading cancer specialist, hormone pills are strongly implicated in breast cancer. When females take hormone pills for menopause, they are at extremely high risk for breast cancer. Despite the evidence, physicians still tell their patients there are no adverse effects of hormone pills. Physician should tell their patients the truth, so they don’t have to suffer the physical and mental effects of breast cancer.

*Menopause and its symptoms will be further discussed in our HT-64 exposition for both men and women.

HT-2 is indicated:

  • If after labor, a woman does not feel like nursing

  • If during the nursing period, the woman wishes to stop

  • When periods are irregular in any way

  • Irregular discharges

  • If an abnormal lump in the breast appears.

We recommend taking HT-2 before, during, and after your period to ensure all nutrients are properly moving out of the body.

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