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Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM, included a wide range of traditional medicine practices originating in China. TCM is well-accepted in the mainstream of medical care through East Asia. However, it’s still considered an alternative medical system in much of Western world.


Traditional Chinese Medicine include treatments such as Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, dietary therapy, Tuina and Qigong. There are many major theories include: Yin and Yang, the Five Phases, the human body Meridian and Channel system, Zang Fu organ theory, six confirmations, four levels and more.


Traditional Chinese medicine share the same philosophy that informs Taoists and Buddhist. It reflects the classical Chinese belief that the life and activity of individual human beings have an intimate relationship with the environment on all levels. You can also think of your body as a small universe within the big universe. Everything in your body is working precisely together just like how all particles work together in the Universe.


TCM is also largely based on the philosophical concept that the universe is made of an energy called “qi”. This qi energy can be any state of matter in existence. The body is a small universe compile of a complex of subsystems of qi and matter. To achieve and maintain a healthy mind of body, all the systems must work together.


The balance forces of Yin and Yang is very important in Chinese Medicine. Everything in the Universe can be divided into one or the other. Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about diagnose between Yin and Yang organs, deficiency versus excess, emptiness veers fullness, hot and cold, wind, dampness, pathogens, internal versus external, meridian channels, qi, essences, body fluids, vessels and more.


Illness is usually caused by external versus internal factors which disrupt the body’s natural processes that create the unbalance state. To cure the illness is to bring the balance against the opposite force.

An Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor or acupuncturist will diagnose your illness based on the following techniques:

  • Palpation of the radial artery pulse

  • Observations of tongue, voice, hair, face, posture, gait, eyes, ears and veins

  • Observation of patient’s various orders

  • Ask the effects of problems

  • Ask about detailed family medical history and background

  • Other health instruments without harming the patient

Based on the diagnoses, the TCM doctor will then apply the treatments. There are many TCM treatments such as: acupuncture, auriculotherapy, chinese food therapy, chinese herbal medicine, cupping, , gua sha, moxibustion, and qi gong exercises. 


TCM treatments are all about using natural herbs to strike the balance with the illness. Because it’s all natural herbs, the side effects is minimal to none. TCM used anything from herbal plants to animal parts as traditional medicine.

Chinese medicine usually requires brewing the different herbs together and drinking them as a tea. At our clinic we have many classical chinese formulas as each of our doctors were trained in classical Han and Tang dynasty theory and medicine.  We carry our own expertly formulated herbal extract powder and tradtional herbal pellets.


With the Western Medicine dominating the world of medical, people get exposed t0 many different Western medicines from the time they were first born to old age. Western medicines usually always have long-term side effects that are harmful to the body. Today, a newborn baby can have up to 15 different shots by the time he or she is 1 year old. These shots supposedly help the child's immune system to block out different illness. However, many people fail to understand the long-term effects of the medicine. A symptom or illness does not occur overnight.  While that soft drink may not affect you now, years from now you will feel the effect of the excess sugar.

Western medicines are mostly a combination of different chemicals, which may cure an illness but also have many long term side effects. Now you can be proactive with treating the side effects before it’s too late.


Western Medicines also have a dependency effect for the taker. For example, when you take painkillers for headaches, the chemicals go directly to your brain to create numbness in parts of the body so you don’t feel the pain of headaches anymore. However, the same chemicals remain in the brain that in time create other problems. This is also why the dosage also increase through time because the body get use to the medicine. There is no dependency effect on traditional herbal medicines because everything is natural and acts like a food in our system. Therefore it is also eliminated naturally.


Traditional medicines is not about fast acting but it’s about long lasting without any side effects. When you have a headache, it’s your body way to alert you of the imbalance. Instead of ignoring the true source of the problems with painkillers you should strike a balance by curing the core issues with natural ingredients.

Our main focus is to treat the root cause with natural medicine and different techniques to help you create the perfect environent for a healthy body and mind without any side effects. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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