All physicians here at Ni's Acupuncture Center were trained in classical traditional chinese medicine by our teacher, Dr. Hai Sha Ni.  They are trained in classical chinese theory, acupuncuture, and traditional herbology. All of our physicians are licensed in the State of Florida and board certified. 

Our Physicians

My Phan AP

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Zilan Hu AP
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My Phan graduated at the University of Iowa with a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She then went on to pursue a  Masters degree at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Chinese Medicine. She completed a Master of Auricular Medicine certification under Dr. Li Chun Huang and a comtemporary pulse diagnosis certification. She has trained at Ni's Acupuncture Center, learning traditional chinese medicine and classical medicine diagnosis. She speaks Vietnamese and English fluently. She also has many clinical experiences working in different healthcare facilities while earning her degree.

My Phan tốt nghiệp tại Đại học University of Iowa với bằng Cử nhân Tâm lý học. Sau đó, cô tiếp tục để lấy bằng thạc sĩ tại Đại học Florida College of Integrative Medicine Y học Trung Quốc. Cô đã hoàn thành bằng Thạc sĩ auricular Y học chứng nhận theo Tiến sĩ Li Chun Huang và xung comtemporary chẩn đoán chứng nhận. Cô đã được đào tạo tại Ni's Acupuncture Center, y học cổ truyền Trung Quốc và chẩn đoán y học cổ điển. Cô nói tiếng Việt Nam và tiếng Anh lưu loát. Cô cũng có nhiều kinh nghiệm làm việc trong các cơ sở y tế khác nhau .

Jonathan Lee AP



Jonathan Lee graduated from Brevard Community College with an Associates Degree in science before pursuing his Bachelors and Masters degree in oriental medicine at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine.  He is a fifth generation chinese herbalist and has interned with many teachers in Taiwan.  He has been trained in New Traditional Chinese Concepts by Dr Hai Sha Ni and speaks both english and chinese.  He is an ABC (American born Chinese) with both parents from Taiwan.

Dr. Zilan Hu is a nationally certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine by NCCAOM (National Certification Committee on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and a Licensed Acupuncture Physician (AP).


Dr. Zilan Hu graduated with Summa Cum Laude at the top of her class and received her professional degree from Chinese Medicine School. She was on the Dean list for all three years consecutively. She received additional training in medicine and research from professor Dr. Zheng Feng (MD-PhD, former professor in Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in NYC) in Fuzhou General Hospital of Nanjing Military Command in China. Dr. Hu further enhanced her Chinese Medicine studies in diseases, treatments, and clinical care under the internship and guidance of internationally famous Chinese Medicine Master, Dr. Ni Hai Xia 倪海厦 (Merritt Island, Florida).


Dr. Zilan Hu has been professionally and extensively trained in Chinese Medicine including Chinese Herbal Prescription, Acupuncture (Neuro/Scalp, Auricular, Body, Electric), Cupping (Dry, Bleeding, Stationary, Moving), Gua Sha, Moxibustion, Tui Na, Nutrition/Food Therapy/Diet Supplements & Lifestyle Recommendation, New DDS Bio-Electric Therapy, and Herbal Mud Therapy. Her expertise lies in Pain management, Stress & Depression Management, and Gynecological disorders such as irregular menses, dysmenorrhea, menopausal symptoms and infertility.


She also treats a wide variety of symptoms and illnesses with excellent clinical results, such as facial paralysis, beauty rejuvenation, allergy, insomnia, cold & flu, migraine headaches, fatigue, poor digestion, and degenerative conditions. Her treatment approach is to focus on each person holistically and design an individualized protocol that is most effective for that patient. She emphasizes on promoting the nature innate healing ability of the body to recover, therefore, she is able to provide positive results in virtually any ailments.


Dr. Zilan Hu's passion for medicine is cultivated since her early childhood due to her various personal experiences and by the influences of generations of doctors in her family. Medicine saved her from painful diseases and helped her to build a strong immunity for staying healthy and preventing future sickness. Therefore, she wants to give back the great benefits she received from medical care to others and to assist them in achieving optimal level of health in both body and mind. To dedicate her whole life into healthcare best serves her passion, her goal and her desire to help others. She is an advocate of patient care. Her empathy, compassion, and kindness always put her patients at ease. Her professionalism, knowledge and skills have ensured excellent treatment outcomes.


Dr. Zilan Hu graduated with Magna Cum Laude as an Honors Student for 4 years from University of Florida with Bachelor of Microbiology & Cell Science degree and with Honors Thesis of her Research Project about HIV-1 in the biochemical laboratory of Dr. Dunn in University of Florida. She was awarded with 100% Bright Future Scholarship to attend University of Florida. She was also the HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) Science For Life scholarship winner for Independent Research.


Dr.Zilan Hu received numerous academic, leadership and research Awards and Scholarships throughout her 4 years of being an Honors Student in University of Florida.


Academic Awards:

Peter J. Sones, Jr. Scholar (Pre-med major with GPA 3.8 or above)

Anderson Scholar (3.90 UF GPA in at least 60 credit hours)

The President’s Honor Roll (Perfect GPA 4.0)

The Dean’s List consecutively (GPA above 3.75)


Bright Future Scholarships 100% GPA 3.9 above; Florida University Scholarship; College of Liberal Arts and Science Scholarship; Cape Canaveral Healthcare Scholarship.


Honor Societies: Golden Key International Honor Society, UF Chapter Delta Epsilon Iota Honor Society, UF Chapter National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS, Student Honors Organization (SHO).


Leaderships: Director of Minority Affairs Committee (MAC) in American Medical Student Association (AMSA); Treasurer of Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society (Chemistry Club); Director of Pediatric Interest Committee (PIC) in AMSA.


Even though English is Dr. Hu's Second Language, she not only excelled in classes to receive straight A's and graduated on top of the class as Valedictorian after she just moved to the USA in high school but also excelled in extracurricular activities such as in various Art, Photography, Piano, Choir competitions and won numerous top awards, interviewed by local TV channel and newspaper.


At a young age, she was awarded with Multiple First Place, Second Place and Third Place Medals and Trophies for Art & Photography Competitions, Piano Recitals, Choir Competitions, and Singing in Disney Candlelight Shows on several years' Christmas.


She was interviewed and invited in Central Florida Valedictorians gathering event in Wet N Wild, 2007. Essay and scholarship winner and interviewed with photo published in Merritt Island newspaper, 2007. Highest GPA awarded for AP Calculus, AP English, AP art, AP photography, AP Statistics.


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