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Question: "What type of problems can be treated with acupuncture?"
Answer: All types of problems have been treated with acupuncture in China for thousands of years, but we normally use acupuncture for now type problems so we can put the needles on you now and ask you "How is your problem NOW?" We usually use herbs to treat more chronic and internal type problems, but only your acupuncture physician can decide the best course of treatment for you.
Question: "How does acupuncture work?"
Answer: Acupuncture works by redirecting your body’s own natural energy. Once the energy is flowing properly again the pain will be gone and the natural healing process can begin. We use only single use, sterile, stainless steel needles, there are no chemicals on the needles and we do not use them to cut or block the nerve fibers.
Question: "How many acupuncture treatments will I need?"
Answer: Everybody is different, so the total number of acupuncture treatments can not be determined in advance. Only thing we can say for sure is, if you do not see some improvement after the 3rd treatment, it does not mean that acupuncture does not work, only, that for whatever reason, we are currently unable to treat your particular problem so go try a different acupuncture physician. It does not mean that acupuncture is not good for your problem. After the third week, your physician may decide to give your acupuncture points a short break to allow them to rest. If so, be sure to return at the time your physician instructs.
Question: "How do I get the best result from my acupuncture treatments?"
Answer: Return for acupuncture treatment every other day until your problem is completely gone. If you only get 1 or 2 treatments per week, it may take your whole life – you are just wasting your time and money. The best result for acupuncture is when you come in as soon as possible after an injury, in this case it may only take one or two treatments. Tell your physician all of your health complaints the very first visit. Avoid foods containing spicy or pungent flavors, any type of sesame product (meal or oil), and alcohol for 48hrs after each treatment.
Question: "Why do I need to avoid certain foods after my treatment?"
Answer: Because the warm feeling you can get from spicy foods or alcohol is good energy dispersing throughout your body. When we perform acupuncture, we are directing that same energy to go to a specific place and help your body heal itself. Therefore spicy and pungent foods erase our instructions to your body. Sesame products cause the same effects for some reason. There have been a few cases where fig products have caused a reversal of treatment as well, probably because the seeds are similar to sesame seeds.
Question: "Why are you putting the needles on the wrong side of my body?"
Answer: We are not putting the needles on the wrong side! True Traditional Chinese Medicine has used the opposite side to treat most problems for thousands of years. Of course there are always exceptions.
Question: "How long will I have to keep taking these nasty tasting herbs?"
Answer: You will need to keep taking your herbal prescription until all of your original problem(s) are gone and until you have all six of the health criterions (see Six Criteria of Health). Again nobody knows how long that will take. Also, just like acupuncture, if you do not see any improvement after you finish all of your 3rd herbal regimen (usually 1 week per regimen), it does not mean that herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine can not help you, only that we are currently unable to help your particular case.
Question: "Do you have any herbs that I can continue to take my whole life?"
Answer: Yes, we have an herbal supplement you can take for the rest of your life if you want to, but first you need to have all six criterion.

Frequently Asked Questions

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