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Commonly Used HT's

HT- 2 Female Nutrient Eliminator (Breast Cancer Prevention)

HT- 14 Gallbladder Stones

HT- 23 High Blood Pressure

HT-24 Diabetes

HT- 26 Kidney Stones

HT- 28 Arthritis

HT- 29 Hemmorhoids

HT- 38 Female Hormones

HT- 39 Sinus Disorder (with or without headache)

HT- 46 Long Life Kidney Tonic

HT- 64 Hot Flashes

HT- 66 Prostate

HT- 68 Liver Detoxifier

HT- 71 Depression

HT- 77 Heart Palpitations /Heart Disorder

HT- 94 Muscle Pain and Sports Injury


The HT series of pills was developed exclusively by Dr Hai Sha Ni. After extensive clinical studies with classical texts and years of experience, he developed the HT pills with the modern patient in mind.  Some formulas are based on traditional formulas, while others were designed from the ground up.  The pills are made in Taiwan under the strictest guidelines in terms of quality control and manufacturing.  

In chinese medicine, herbal pills (or called wan) were used in cases where medicine would need to be taken over a period of time,  due to the long standing nature of the disease. Pills were often prescribed in favor of raw herbs due to their ease of use, not requiring any prep work such as cooking raw herbs.  

Chinese herbs are ground up and preserved in honey.  The dosage will equal about how many pills one can fit into the palm of their hand, about 30. As every individual is different in stature, weight, and age, the dosage must be adjusted for babies, children, and adults.  

We have over 100 different types of herbal pills at our clinic.

You can order our pills by visiting this page.   

Hantang Herbal Pills 

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