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Free Biomat Sessions for the month of May

Beginning in May, we will be offering Biomat sessions available at both clinic locations.

Biomats incorporate the use Far Infrared Rays and Negative ions to help the body naturally detoxify and cleanse it self. Each biomat contains within it Amethyst and Tourmaline gemstones to help balance the body's energies and circulation.

Since ancient times amethyst has been used as a "healing stone". More recently it has been discovered that amethyst emits an wavelength of 32,876 Khz. Studies have shown these frequencies enhance vital cellular activity within the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine has stated, all disease is created from cold. Whether it be from catching the flu and feeling chills, to drinking cold water for years, to even cold hands and cold feet. The combination of far infrared heat and gemstones in the biomat creates a warmer environment for your cells to better function. When your body temperature rises by 1 Celsius, enzyme activities will be increased by 40%.

We are happy to be able to offer this treatment for our patients. We encourage everybody to come in and try the mat out to feel the difference. For the month of May, we are offering first time free sessions for new and old patients. Free Biomat sessions must be scheduled and are limited to 40 minutes.

Call : 321-454-9259 to schedule your free session today.

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