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S.C. Melbourne, FL

I have been treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine at Ni's Acupuncture for many years. for numerous ailments such as hip pain, allergic reactions to insect bites, intestinal parasites, and most recently severe arm and shoulder pain from a fall. I always have had successful and positive results.


What I learned about TCM is that the process used to correct the injury and/or ailment is to use non-invasive methods. TCM uses herbal remedies, natural herbs that are designed for specific ailments and acupuncture for injuries such as pulled or injured muscles, and body discomfort.  herbal medicines are very widely used and quickly effective.  


Most recently I injured my shoulder and arm and back muscles in a fall.  It was 11 days before I was able to see Ms. My Phan since the fall occured while on vacation.  Even with that many days before getting treatment, she immediately used acupuncture to relieve the pain's severity.  It took some time since I ahd no attention to the shoulder/arm for a number of days, but as soon as i started seeing her, the relief started immedtaietly and with every acupuncture and other physical treatments, such as deep massage, it improved.  The use of herbal medicine taken in pill form, or liquid form combines with acupuncture is a winning strategy.


I highly recommend Ni's Acupuncture for any ailment, except broken bones. I have recommended people to go to them with problems ranging from Thyroid problems to Vertigo, and other physical, and muscle issues.  Everyone that has gone to Ni's Acupuncture for relief of pain and discomfort has thanked me for my recommedation, and they continue to return for treatment for other ailments





Newest Testimony

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Testimony 2

congratulations to you, for if you are reading this you have been truly blessed, to have found dr. ni's.  in the spring of 2007 I underwent three surgeries for cancer tumors which had spread quickly, and had left me swollen, weak, worn, and fearful.  Three centers : cleveland clinic, holy cross hospital, and another top specialist in boynton beach; had all given me little hope of recovery.  And yet , all demanded that I have chemo and radiation implants immediately and at the same time.  Of course my having government health insurance meant these people would collect a very great deal of money.  However, I have our eternal father guiding my life, so I was not frightened into what was further damage to my body.  My prayers and hope led me to search out other choices for healing.  Coincidental meeting of other people sent me to Merritt Island to see a Dr. Ni. The simplicity and wisdom of listening to Dr. Ni and the answers he gave, where no one else could, confirmed without a doubt, which medicine would truly heal me.  My heart was lightened, my mind relieved, and all is well with me. April 2012

Testimony 4

S.S.B Palm Bay FL ++
After taking traditional chinese medicine, my overall health improved very much. Eliminated my acid reflux 99.9%, improved digestion, decreased in unhealthy cravings.  Improved energy level. First winter in many years that I did not have a sinus infection.  Taking this medicine has been a very good experience.  My blood pressure returned to a normal level. I also lost 30lbs. 6/13/2011

Testimony 6

S.A. Melbourne FL
After nearly a year of laser treatments with my dermatologist for my auto-immune skin rash with poor results, my friend brought me to Dr. Ni’s.  His herbal therapies had gotten her daughter off dialysis and back to work.
With Dr. Ni’s herbal treatment, my rash has improved almost amazingly. The herbal medicine and acupuncture has had better results than thousands of dollars worth of laser treatments. I don't know what I would have done without his treatment.  05/18/2011

Testimony 8

N.F. Riviera Bch FL
I have been coming to see Dr. Ni and now Dr. Andrew for the last 10 years.  At the age of 71, I was hit hard with arthritis; I was very swollen could hardly walk.  At that time, Dr. Ni treated me with herbs + acupuncture and was a new person after a couple of months.  I still need acupuncture “touch ups” about once a year on my knees.
In a different case, I started itching uncontrollably 3 years ago. I went to 3 hospitals, 5 skin doctors during an 8 month period- They did not know what was wrong with me. So i came to see Dr. Andrew and he put me on herbs. After 2 weeks, I saw improvement, and by 2 months I was cured.

Testimony 10

H.C. Cocoa FL
Twenty some years ago I developed an itch on my body.  I went to my regular docotr and he tried different ,edications, but they didnt help.  He sent me to an allergist.  She gave me several different medications + put me on a rice diet.  Still nothing helped me.  A friend of mine said "I wish you go see Doctor Ni." She said a friend of her had had the same symptoms as I had and he'd certainly helped her.  I went to see Dr. Ni. He looked in my eyes and said my left kidney was weak.  He prescribed a tea and put me on HT46. I'm still alive and doing well today.
About a year ago I got a terrible itching all over my body. I came to Doctor Chris. He said my heart was weak.  He put me on the tea.  I've been off the tea since November.  For me chinese medicine is the only way to go.  No side effects and no addicitions to it.  Thanks for all the help you've given me all.
These many years! Keep up the good work!!!

T.B. Merritt Island, FL

Sonny Lim A.P. has been my Acupuncturist for about a year. I consider him to be an outstanding talented and dedicated healer.The original injury was to my foot and Sonny did such a wonderful job to promote the healing. I was very impressed with his attention to the whole body for he did not just concentrate on my foot. He would ask about other areas and did this area feel tender and if so, how much.Sonny’s obvious caring and interest in balancing out my whole body with the Acupuncture was complimented by his practical and useful suggestions on how to handle stress. In addition, Sonny sent me some musical mediations to help me when I was at home. Following his advice and treatment, I feel healthy and energetic. I have continued to come back for what I call basic “tune-ups” on a regular basis.I would not hesitate to recommend Sonny Lim for I firmly believe that he has a special gift for healing.


L.C. Melbounre , FL

I have been treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine at Ni’s Acupuncture Center for many years for numerous different ailments, such as back and knee pain, lung congestion, removal of plantar warts, and each and every time I have had positive results.
The philosophy of TCM is to find the cause of the ailment and correct the problem at the cause.  TCM looks at the entire body and can determine problems and correct them with out using invasive methods.  TCM cures using natural herbs that are designed for specific ailments and acupuncture when necessary.
Just recently I injured my knee.  The pain was so bad I needed to use crutches to keep the pressure off of the knee.  I went to see Ms. My Phan, Acupuncture Physician at Ni’s Acupuncture.  After two treatments I was able to walk normally with out any pain.
I highly recommend Ni’s Acupuncture for any ailment.  I have recommended people to go to them with problems ranging from Thyroid problems to Vertigo and all sorts of pain problems. Everyone that went there thanked me for my recommendation and in all cases they were cured of their ailments.


Testimony 3

M.C. Merritt Island FL++
after having a total hysterectomy 5 years ago, I have had chronic bladder infections and suffered from incontinence.  The western doctors treated me with antibiotics and several months later the infection would return.
My sister suggested I make an appointment at Ni's Acupuncture Center since I once again had another bladder infection.  This was the best advice my sister has ever given me. I saw Christopher Lim and he started me on an herbal tea.  My bladder infection is gone, I no longer suffer from incontinence and I am off my blood pressure medication which I took for 10 years. Thank you Christopher Lim for giving me back my life! 5/25/2011

Testimony 5

B.L. Cocoa FL
I was treated by western medicine for foot trouble and surgery for a hernia.  The problem was they were treating the symptom not the cause.
My heart was not beating strong enough enough so muscle tissue etc was shrinking from lack of good circulation.  Cold hands + feet were symptoms.  I’m 65. I take nothing but herbs in morning + a different one before lunch.
All these folks taking medicine with so many side effects should think outside the box. Chinese medicine has centuries of knowledge
Also office visit was calming not stressful.  

Testimony 7

E.S. Kissimmee FL
I have been coming to receive treatment at Ni’s Acupuncture since 2005. Every symptom I had is now gone. I had many health problems since I was a teenager that no doctor could help with.  Dr. Ni and Dr. Lim have helped me very much> I have no need to go to my former Western doctor.  I feel fantastic and am very healthy now.  

Testimony 9

J.G. Winter Garden FL
I have tried traditional high blood pressure medicine to no avail, the only thing that has helped me has been my chinese herbs.
In addition my husband who was diagnosed with liver cancer was kept alive and in good health three years past the time he was predicted to expire by traditional doctors. This was done without chemotherapy or the aid of any cancer drugs

Testimony 11

J.H. Cocoa FL
I have been a patient at Ni's since November, 1999. I was diagnosed by my previous physicians with Trigeminal Neuralgia.  I had intense facial pain, it was not relieved with two very strong pain medications, Vicodan and Lortabs, combined, taken every 4-6 hours. I was also prescribed a seizure medication.  Over a period of six weeks my pain increased and became intolerable.  I could no longer work, or even drive myself.  I was told my next option would be to have brain surgery, to insert a sponge type material in my brain around the affected nerve area.  This was not an option I wanted to even consider.

I was introduced to Dr. Ni thru my daughter-in-law.  After my first visit and acupuncture I did not have the intense pain.  I was given herbs to treat the damage to my heart and liver caused by the medications I was taking.  I admit I was somewhat skeptical of the promise By Dr. Ni that I would not experience that severe pain again.  I have NEVER needed any of the pain medications since my first visit.​

Over the last 13 years I have NOT been treated by any other health care facility. Some of the illnesses my family, friends or I have received treatment for at Ni's include, kidney stones, blockage in carotid arteries, back and neck pain, migraine headaches, injuries from a motorcycle accident, sinus infections, cancer and the flu.  All of these symptoms have been very successful for me, and no other treatment from another facility was needed.

I highly recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine and all of the benefits of Natural Herbs.  I would not consider taken western pharmaceutical medicines ever again.  The harmful effects on the body/organs, the side effects are definitely not worth the risks.

I also authorize Ni's to release my personal phone number to any patient or prospective patient that would like to discuss my experiences with Traditional Chinese Medicine vs. Western Medicine.

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