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Amethyst Biomat (A Detailed Explanation)


"Give me the power to produce fever, and I will cure all disease" 

Hippocrates (BC 460)


What is a Biomat?

A BioMat is a thermo-electrotherapeutic device for enhancing your immune system by generating far infrared rays and negative ions for your health.

The history of raising body temperature for therapeutic purposes can be traced back twenty four hundred years ago.


How does the BioMat generate far infrared rays and negative ions?

Amethyst and Tourmaline gemstones are imbedded into the mat.

Since ancient times, amethyst has been called a "healing stone", as it emits an inherent wavelength of 32,876 KHz. These frequencies enhance vital cellular activity.

Amethyst emits more powerful far infrared rays with deep impact power and more powerful thermo-therapeutic energy.


What is the difference between heat and far infrared rays?

It is difficult for external heat to penetrate into our body, but far infrared rays can penetrate deeper into our bodies and generate intense frictional heat, which stimulates our cells to move. One of the prominent phenomena of hyperthermia treatment with the BioMat is the change of the physical condition to keep high body temperature by itself. Such change of the physical condition facilitates blood circulation and activates more than 3000 essential enzymes, so harmful materials in the body will be removed naturally.  


Why does my body temperature need to be high?

Your immune system will deteriorate if your body temperature drops.

All diseases come from reduced body temperature. Such lowering of body temperature is called "Cold Hypersensitivity".  A symptom of cold hypersensitivity is getting cold hands, feet, and other areas that are far from the heart, and then an overall drop in body temperature. When the temperature of hands and feet drops due to the lowering of outside temperature, terminal capillary vessels are contracted, so overall blood circulation will be hindered.  This closely follows traditional chinese medicine theory of the importance of having warm hands and warm feet.


*If your body temperature drops by 1 degree Celsius, your vital metabolic activities will be reduced.  If your body temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius, then enzyme activities will be increased about 40%.



I sweat a little while using the Biomat. Is that good?

The Biomat emits far infrared rays from amethyst, which encourages your body to secrete Heat Shock Protein, or HSP, which will strengthen your immune system.  HSP is a protein which your body secretes to protect cells from heat and plays an important role in producing endorphins and enhancing your immune system.  

HSP increases the production of endorphins, NK-cells, t-cells, and lymphocytes.


Can I use the biomat to reduce my stress?

The Biomat can reduce stress hormones by 78%

After an experiment in which 12 patients used the Biomat for one hour a day to find out if the Biomat can reduce stress levels efficiently, the results showed that stress hormones, including cortisol, were reduced by 78%


Then, what are negative ions?

Tourmaline is a gemstone produced in granite pegmatite, produced in large quantity in Brazil, India, China, and Africa.  It has powerful negative ion generating capabilities.

Specifically, black tourmaline generates a powerful electrical field, so it generates much more negative ions than other tourmalines.  This gemstone is famous for the discharging of negative ions also called vitamins in the air, an innovative discovery of mankind. 

Negative ions are in a state of having more electrons than protons in molecules or particles (groups of molecules) in the air.

Negative ions are generated in large quantities in clean, natural environments.  Ideal places to feel the effects of negative ions are around waterfalls or pine forests.  You may notice fresh air in nature.  Such freshness comes from negative ions. 


How do negative ions effect your body?

Dr Erwin Neher and Dr Bert Sakmann in Germany received the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1991, as they found that negative ions play a very important role in metabolism. 

In the human body there are more than 60 trillion cells connected organically sending and receiving information and nutrients and excreting wastes.  Such distribution is possible because there are cell channels connecting the cells.  However, if there are no negative ions in cells, then cell channels will ne closed.  Thus, nutrients cannot be passed to each and every part of your body, so activities of cells will be reduced creating pain.  Wastes that aren’t excreted accumulate in the body causing adverse health. 


You feel pain when your brain detects electrical signals of positive ions.  Negative ions generated by the Biomat will be absorbed into your body through your skin and your breath. They will facilitate cellular metabolism, enhance your vitality, reduce pain and distribute various nutrients and energy throughout your body.  They will also cleanse the blood and have a tranquilizing effect.  Negative ions are also good for recovering from fatigue. 

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